Team Staff

All team staff must complete the – Respect in Sport and Making Headway in Football on line courses. Which can be accessed via the Football Manitoba website free of charge.

All team staff must follow Football Manitoba Code of Conduct, as well be familiar and abide MMFA by law #13.

First year coaches must also complete a Safe Contact course. $50 course.

Second year coaches must also be trained by completing Community Sport Initiation Novice – There is an online section of course that needs to be completed prior to the 4 hrs of class and 8 hrs practical. There is a cost of $39.

All necessary completion of courses and certificates need to be completed prior to the next season. IE: if you have coached for 2 years you must have: Respect in Sport, Making Headway in Football, Safe Contact and Community Sport Initiation Novice, before a volunteer is able to coach a 3rd year. Coaches are expected to supply own material(“books” that will be made available to them) for class portion of courses, either printing out on own accord or through an electronic device.

Trainers must complete a 2 day sport trainer course focusingon football injuries along with first aid, which expires after 2years of taking such course. There is a cost to the volunteer.Portage Pitbulls will reimburse any costs to volunteers to complete courses that one may require to perform duties.

Receipts must be submitted to the club treasurer.

Portage La Prairie, MB