Information Booklet

Welcome to the Portage Pitbulls Football Club

The Portage Pitbulls Football Club is a local club, run by volunteers, which operates under the Manitoba Minor Football Association. The goal of the Portage Pitbulls Football Club is to promote fitness and the love of football. Focus is given to players overall fitness, general football skills, as well as position-specific skills, safety and of course FUN!

Football has a short season; therefore it is necessary to have many practices and games in the season. It is important that both the player and the parents make the commitment to making it to as many practices and games as possible. Since football is a team sport, it is important to practice as a team and to learn the skills needed to work together.

All Coaches, Assistant coaches, Trainers, Managers, and players must practice ethical and non-abusive treatment of all other individuals (including the referees). If any type of unacceptable behavior is noticed, it may result in a temporary suspension or permanent exclusion from all Football Manitoba events.
All parents and spectators must practice ethical and non-abusive treatment of all other individuals (including the referees).  If any form of unacceptable behavior is noticed, it may result in stoppage of the game and your coaches being ejected from the game. The offending spectator will be asked to leave the sidelines.

Each team will require a Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, a Trainer, and a Manager.
Coaches and Assistant Coaches will be required to complete online courses named, Respect In Sport and Making Headway for Football, as well as certain courses dictated by the National Coaching Certification Program.
Trainers must attend all games, home and away. They are required to complete an online course named, Respect In Sport as well as a “First Aiders Course” focused on football injuries, which is valid for 2 years.
Managers are required to complete an online course named Respect In Sport. The Manager’s responsibilities are to communicate regularly between coaches, players, and the board; organize volunteer shifts and ensure game day runs smoothly; monitor fans along the sidelines on game day for your team.

All certification costs are covered by the club.

For 2020, Club Development Camps will be held on Sundays in June. Regular practices will be held mid-July through the end of the season. Full equipment is required for all practices and include helmet, shoulder pads, mouth guard, hip, knee, thigh and tailbone pads, practice pants and a practice jersey or other shirt to be worn over shoulder pads. Game jerseys, game pants, and socks are for league games only.

Games start the first weekend after August long weekend and may be held on a Saturday or Sunday. The schedule is at the discretion of the League Commissioner and is not released until the end of July.  Once the team schedules are announced, they will be available online at Manitoba Minor Football Association and also on our website under the 2020 SCHEDULE tab.

Portage La Prairie, MB