Heat and Humidity Bylaw

Portage Pitbulls by law Heat and Humidity

Games are at the discretion of the official and league.

Practices – in the event that the humidex is 40 degrees or greater at the time of practice, it will be cancelled.

In the event that the humidex is 30-39 degrees at the time of practice, it may cancelled, postponed, or a modified practice.

Information regarding humidex and precautions and prevention for dehydration

We likely all realize that hot summer days feel much worse when the humidity is high. This is related to the cooling effects of evaporation when we perspire. When the humidity is high, our perspiration evaporates more slowly and we feel warmer. When the combination of temperature and humidity is very high, we are actually at more risk from heat illness such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. In 1965, Canadian meteorologists devised a scale called the Humidex that attempts to take both heat and humidity into account to give us a single value that we can use to help guide our actions on hot and humid days.

Readings in the mid to high 30s should signal caution and reduction of vigorous exercise as well as altering clothing. If working or recreating outdoors, frequent rest breaks in the shade are warranted as well as drinking plenty of fluids. Replenishing electrolytes with any of a number of sport drinks currently available is useful.

YESTERDAY is what will help keep the safe and symptom free TODAY

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