Q – How much does football cost?

A – Football is one of the most affordable sports! For the entire season, fees total between $240.00 to $380.00 depending on your child’s age.  Both totals include the  approximately $90 league fees paid through Football Manitoba registration.

We do require cheques for equipment deposits, however they are not cashed unless equipment is not returned and are not needed until equipment pick up.

We also require a $50.00 fee for fundraising but once you sell your tickets, you get this money back.

Q – Do I have to buy equipment?

A – No! Helmets, shoulder pads, game and practice pants and padding is supplied. You are required to supply football cleats and a mouthguard. Practice jerseys are available for sale.

Q – Can I get assistance to help pay for fees?

A – YES! Kidsport applications are available on registration nights. You can read about the Kidsport program here.

Q – Will we have to travel a lot?

A – The regular season consists of home and away games. Away games can be in Winnipeg, Steinbach, Oakbank and other towns of similar distance.  If your team makes the playoffs, there can be additional travel there as well, but this depends on where your team places as to whether it’s a home or an away game.  All home games and practices are in Portage la Prairie.

Portage La Prairie, MB