First Down registration still open

As we wrap up the tackle registration we turn our attention to the registration for the First Down program.  It is a non-contact program for children born 2012-2015 to work on fundamental footwork and skills that cross over into a variety of sports.  To register go to under the Registration tab.

Crunchers attending a Bomber game

As the CFL gets into full swing our Cruncher teams will get a chance to see first hand what the Bombers look like this year.  They will be attending the July 12th game against the Toronto Argonauts compliments of Old Dutch through their sponsorship with the MMFA.  Have fun players, coaches and parents that are attending.

Team Declaration

We are excited to announce that we have declare teams in 3 age groups, Peewee, Atom and two teams in Crunchers.  Since last year we were only able to declare at the Cruncher age group this shows tremendous growth in football in the Portage area.

We would like to thank Irwin Flooring who covered the Pitbull registration for any new players as without them we would not have some of the great players we have this year and would likely not be declaring teams at each age.