Equipment Return

Equipment return dates will be  November 7th and 8th from 11am-1:30pm  both days at the field.
Please wash or wipe down equipment. Magic eraser works great on helmets and shoulder pads.  Jerseys and pants to be washed, do not return socks.
We will NOT be accepting any equipment at the banquet.
If you are unable to make these two dates, it will be your responsibility to arrange a day and time to return equipment.  Please email Brian Crawford or Perron Banfield
If your players equipment isn’t returned by the 30th of November your check will be cashed.

Banquet and AGM 2015

Our Banquet will be on Tuesday, Nov.10th at the MNP building located at the Island Park.  Doors open at 530. Supper will be served at 6pm, followed by our guest speaker.

If you do not have tickets yet, please contact  by Friday, November 6th at the latest.

Following our banquet, we will have our annual AGM meeting at 8:00pm.  Please feel free to stay for the meeting. We are always looking for new members to add to the board.